Diane Alexander, Soprano

Photo Gallery/Reviews

"Soprano Diane Alexander was gloriously expansive as the glamorous Hanna Glawari, bewitching all the men onstage with her beauty and delighting opera-goers with a splendidly clear voice that nailed every single top note without effort." ~ The Washington Times

"Soprano Diane Alexander portrayed the Widow.  She brought Hollywood glamour and youthful attractiveness to a part that is often given to veteran sopranos who want to coast through an operetta.  Alexander's voice was full-bodied, but also capable of tenderness, and her "Viljalied" ended with a lovely high note." ~ The Virginia-Pilot

"...the remarkable performance by Diane Alexander...stunningly beautiful in the first scene, Susannah aged and withered before our eyes as each wave of bad fortune fell upon her.  Who will ever forget her maniacal rocking in the last scene and the sudden murderous gaze in her eyes as the curtain fell?  And that voice!  The two great arias...showed her vocal range and focus, without pulling attention from her vivid characterization." ~ Rocky Mountain News

"Alexander does some exquisite singing.  Most sopranos would have been tempted to belt the big passages in Susannah's two arias,  Ain't it a pretty night and Trees on the mountains', but Alexander finesses them instead, floating as high as b-flat with a serenity that is almost ethereal." ~ The Nashville Tennessean

"... witness soprano Diane Alexander's transparent veils and strikingly low-cut halter. From behind her veil, Alexander unleashed a voice as powerful as it was sensuous, her volume being so ample that she could almost tease us with the curving lines of her phrases." ~ The Nashville Tennessean